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    Transform Your Diet

    40% of adults have diet-related health issues. Our portion control tools and guides, help you take charge of your eating habits for a healthier you.

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    End Overeating

    On average we eat 44% more food than our body needs every day. Our products measure and manage your food portions, ensuring you eat just what your body needs.

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    Balanced Nutrition Made Simple

    80% of adults don't eat the minum necessary food groups. Our tools make it effortless to create balanced meals and improve your dietary choices.

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Loved by over 45,000 Customers

Great tool for controlling portion size. Love these plates. Highly recommend.


Wish I would have purchased them sooner, better late than never!


Very pleased with the's simple, attractive and a discreet tool instead of being in your face like some bariatric dishes.




It’s been helpful to use the silverware at work. I’m more mindful of how quickly I’m eating and take more time so I know when I am full easier.


If you love that full-to-the-brim cereal bowl feeling and realize that's why you gained 20 pounds in a year, help is on the way. Pair it with a tiny spoon and you're golden.

Portion Control Bowls for Weight Control & Healthy Eating

How does Uba help?

If you are feeling constantly fatigued, dealing with weight issues or chronic conditions like diabetes, kidney stones, etc., studies have shown that these conditions are primarily caused by poor diet habits.

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The Uba tools makes it easy to eat balanced food portions & prevent chronic conditions

With built-in visual guides for food groups, portion sizes and small bites, our tools take out the hassle of measurement and help you follow the recommended portion sizes. Try out Uba dinnerware today!

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