How to Meal Prep for Portion Control? - The Ultimate Guide

What are Portion Control Containers?

Portion control containers are a convenient and effective tool for managing your food intake and achieving your health and fitness goals. These containers are designed to help you control portion sizes and ensure you're eating a balanced diet.

Why Use Portion Control Containers for Meal Prepping?

Meal prepping is a popular method for saving time and staying on track with healthy eating. By using portion control containers, you can easily portion out your meals in advance, making it easier to stick to your dietary goals.

How Do Portion Control Containers Work?

Portion control containers typically come in different sizes and colors, each representing a specific food group or macronutrient. For example, a green container may represent vegetables, while a red container may represent proteins.

To use portion control containers for meal prepping, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Caloric Needs

Before you start using portion control containers, it's important to determine your daily caloric needs. This will help you determine the appropriate portion sizes for your meals.

Step 2: Choose the Right Containers

Make sure you have a set of portion control containers that includes containers for each food group or macronutrient. This will ensure you can properly portion out your meals. These Uba meal prep containers are designed for portion control and food group separation.

Step 3: Plan Your Meals

Take some time to plan your meals for the week. This will help you ensure you have all the necessary ingredients and can properly portion out your meals.

Step 4: Portion Out Your Meals

Using the portion control containers, portion out your meals according to your caloric needs and the recommended portion sizes for each food group. This will help you create balanced meals that meet your nutritional needs.

Step 5: Store and Label Your Meals

Once you've portioned out your meals, stack and store them in the refrigerator and label them with the date and contents. This will help you stay organized and ensure your meals stay fresh.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Prepped Meals

When it's time to eat, simply grab a pre-portioned meal from your fridge or freezer, heat up and enjoy! Portion control containers make it easy to stick to your dietary goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Using portion control containers for meal prepping is a practical and effective way to manage your food intake and achieve your health and fitness goals. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily incorporate portion control containers into your meal prep routine and enjoy the benefits of balanced and portioned meals.

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