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Uba Total Control Kit

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The Uba Total Control kit is designed to transform your eating habits and help you stick to diet plans with all the tools you need. Take control of your or your family's health by changing how you eat. 

The Uba Total Control Kit for One contains:

  • 1 Uba Portion Control Plate
  • 1 Uba Portion Measuring Bowl
  • 2 Uba Portion Glasses
  • 1 Uba Mindful Eating Flatware
  • 1 Uba Hydration Motivation Water Bottle
  • 3 Uba Meal Prep Portion Containers

The Uba Total Control Kit for Two contains:

  • 2 Uba Portion Control Plate
  • 2 Uba Portion Measuring Bowl
  • 2 Uba Portion Glasses
  • 2 Uba Mindful Eating Flatware
  • 2 Uba Hydration Motivation Water Bottle
  • 6 Uba Meal Prep Portion Containers
Uba Total Control Kit
Uba Total Control Kit
Uba Total Control Kit
Uba Total Control Kit
Uba Total Control Kit
Uba Total Control Kit

  • Uba Portion Control Plate

    Portion like a pro

    We've taken the recommended food group guide from all the major dietary organizations and carved out 3 visually distinctive sections on our beautiful porcelain plates; veggies, grains, and proteins. All you have to do is serve, heat, and eat!

  • Uba Everyday Essentials Kit

    Skip the measuring cups

    Our built-in 360° measuring lines will make your portion control lifestyle swift and sustainable. Beautifully designed in porcelain to be safe for heating, cooking, freezing and washing.

  • Prep for Success

    Get ahead of the game with meal prepping. Our stylish meal prep containers are heat and freezer safe, have food safe silicone lids and are color coated for veggies, grains, and proteins.


1. Is the glaze lead-safe?

Yes! We use a 100% lead free glaze on our dishes. We also made sure to put the measuring lines under the glaze so they won't rub off.

2. Are the meal prep containers portable?

They are small enough to take with you in a sealed lunch bag but the silicone lids are not airtight. For best portability, we recommend not getting too saucy.

3. What is the return policy?

Like every other Uba product, we guarantee that you will love it. If for some reason reason, you are not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews

Great item to start your weight control journey. I love it!

Jimmy Vaughan
Starter kit

Great product l bl love it for portion control and helps with taking smaller bites for weight control.


I love it.

Sharon Chivis
Great quality Fast Delivery

I received my plate within a few says of ordering it. The ceramic is solid..great quality. Eventually, I will order more.

Isaac Sandlin Jr
Helps you eat the correct sized portions

These plates are rear because they are true porcelain divided plates. The sections are proportional to the type food group that is healthy, the largest for vegetables, medium for grain or starch and the smallest for meat. The plates are heavy robust quality.