Our Mission

At Uba, we realize that you are going through an important and, sometimes, difficult journey in getting to your better self. We started Uba with a mission to simplify the challenges in eating well-balanced nutritious food in the right portions. We hope to make life routines simpler and more instinctive for you to eat well, stay active and ultimately, be healthy.

Backed by Global Health Guidelines

Meet our team

At Uba, we share a common passion for health and well-being that extends beyond our professional roles. With years of experience in various health industries, we've each embarked on our own personal health journeys, making healthy living a priority in our lives. We understand the importance of support and aim to provide it to everyone, empowering individuals to achieve their health goals.

  • Prakash Somasundaram


    Prakash has 15+ years of experience designing products across multiple industries including healthcare, supply chain and retail. His enthusiasm for promoting better nutrition and passion for building simple tools led him to start Uba. He enjoys playing volleyball and is a coffee lover.

  • Amanda Blanco


    Amanda is a health enthusiast who extends beyond her profession. With over 4 years of experience in various health industries as a marketing manager, she embodies an active and healthy lifestyle. On Sundays you'll find her doing her usual week reset and meal prepping, followed by an afternoon of conversations and coffee with friends and family.

  • Valeria Parra


    Valeria, a lifelong fitness enthusiast, integrates mindfulness into her daily routine, embodying a healthy lifestyle. With 9 years of social media experience, she brings her passion for wellness to her work, staying updated on the latest trends while prioritizing health and cherishing family time.

  • Jonathan Weiner


    Jonathan has been in the ceramics manufacturing and logicstics business at Maryland China for over 15 years. He leads the order management, inventory management and customer shipping for Uba.

Our Approach

  • Make things we are proud of

    For everything that we create, we ask ourselves - Is this something that we would love to use ourselves or share with our friends and family? If not, we would rather not build it, even if it can make us a lot of money. That simply won’t give us joy.

  • Delight customers at every step

    We want to give the best to our customers - from highest-quality products to easy-to-return policies to quick reponse customer service because when we have done right by our customers we have the business right.

  • Stay concisous of our footprint

    We realize that every sold has an impact on our planet, which is why we use natural and sustainable materials in our products as much as possible and use lean and recyclable packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.

Meet our partners

From diabetes management to bariatric diet guidance and gut health support, our esteemed partners are dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health. Their expertise and support have been instrumental in shaping our journey, aligning with our values of holistic health and wellness.

NOTE: Coaches are independent practitioners and engagements will be directly with them.


    Julie Cunningham


    Specialties: Diabetes Care | Lactation | Weight Management

    contact julie

    Megan Moore


    Specialties: Adult Obesity Management | Bariatric Surgery Pre & Post Op Diet

    contact megan

    Nicholas Corliss


    Specialties: Food & Management | Mediterranean Diet | Certified Wim Hof Breathing Techniques

    Contact Nicholas

    Johane M. Filemon


    Specialties: Anti-inflammatory Therapy | Gut Health Therapy

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    Taylor Vickery


    Specialties: Bariatric Surgery | Weight Management | Eating Disorders | Mental Health | Disability and Neurodivergence

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