5 High-Protein Bariatric Breakfast Ideas to Keep You Full

For those who have undergone bariatric surgery, finding breakfast options that are both satisfying and nutritious can be a challenge. However, there are plenty of delicious and protein-packed breakfast ideas that are perfect for those who have had weight loss surgery. Here are five tasty options to try.

1. Greek Yogurt Parfait with Berries and Nuts.

This breakfast option is not only high in protein, but also packed with fiber and antioxidants. Simply layer Greek yogurt, mixed berries, and chopped nuts in a jar or bowl for a delicious and filling breakfast. You can also add a drizzle of honey or a sprinkle of cinnamon for extra flavor. Plus, it's easy to prepare ahead of time for busy mornings.

bariatric portion control bowl

2. Protein-Packed Omelette with Veggies.

Omelettes are a classic breakfast option that can be easily adapted to fit a bariatric diet. Start by whisking together two eggs and a splash of milk in a bowl. Then, add in your favorite veggies such as spinach, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Cook the omelette in a non-stick pan and top with a sprinkle of shredded cheese for added protein. Serve with a side of fresh fruit for a balanced meal.

3. Cottage Cheese and Fruit Bowl.

For a quick and easy breakfast that is high in protein, try a cottage cheese and fruit bowl. Simply mix together a half cup of low-fat cottage cheese with your favorite fruits such as berries, sliced banana, or diced apple. This breakfast option is not only bariatric-friendly but also provides a good source of calcium and vitamin C.

portion control glass with cottage cheese granola and fruits

4. Protein Smoothie with Spinach and Almond Butter.

A protein smoothie is a great way to start your day with a healthy dose of protein. Blend together a handful of spinach, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a tablespoon of almond butter, and a cup of unsweetened almond milk. This delicious and nutritious smoothie is not only high in protein but also packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus, the spinach adds an extra boost of fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

5. Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffins.

These turkey sausage and egg muffins are a perfect grab-and-go breakfast option for those busy mornings. Simply cook some turkey sausage and scramble some eggs, then divide the mixture evenly into a muffin tin. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes and you have a delicious and protein-packed breakfast that will keep you full until lunchtime. Plus, you can customize the recipe by adding in your favorite veggies or spices.


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