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Uba Portion Control Glasses

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Uba Portion Control Glasses are the perfect addition to your healthy eating tools. Crafted from double wall borosilicate glass, these glasses allow you to precisely measure and enjoy your favorite drinks.

In addition to wine, the glasses can also be used for coffee, smoothies, and chia puddings - making them incredibly versatile. Enjoy a luxurious sipping experience thanks to their light weight and sophisticated design.

Uba Portion Control Glasses
Uba Portion Control Glasses
Uba Portion Control Glasses
Uba Portion Control Glasses
Uba Portion Control Glasses
Uba Portion Control Glasses

  • Easy to Measure yet Discreet

    Keep an eye on how much you drink with built-in measurement indicators that are clear yet subtle. We also made it a double wall design with a regular size outer cup and smaller inner cup to give you that glass-full visual appearance while automatically limiting portion sizes.

  • Refined Elegance

    Serve and drink up in style with glass made of the finest materials. We used ultra-light borosilicate glass chambers precision fused together to withstand hot & cold liquid temperatures while also creating a smooth thick rim providing a luxurious sipping experience!

  • Not Just for Wine

    Use it as a multi-purpose cup for coffee, tea, smoothies, yogurt and even breakfast granola! Whatever you use it for, it looks like it was made just for that. Go ahead and try it for yourself.


1. What is borosilicate glass?

It's glass with boron trioxide which makes it resilient to extreme temperatures. It's also the glass of choice for high end restaurants and laboratories.

This one specifically is also ultra-light weight.

2. How much water does it hold?

Each glass holds 8oz of liquid. Also serves great as a friendly reminder to stay on track for 8 cups of water a day.

3. Is it dishwasher safe?

Our glass is fully dishwasher safe, although we recommend hand washing it to prevent any moisture inside the double wall.

4. Is it microwave safe?

Our glass is fully microwavable and ready to withstand hot & cold liquid temperatures.

5. What is the return policy?

Like every other Uba product, we guarantee that you will love it. If for some reason reason, you are not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I love the look, the ease of using, and it keeps my liquids nice and cold. It’s perfect.

Not just for wine!!!

Love these glassesI make many mixed drinks and these glasses insure the PERFECT mixed drink!!!!See the attached photos, to see how I used the glass to make a Margarita, so much faster than using a jiggerVery nice looking, attractiveLove the double wall designThese glasses are a homerun for any commercial or residential bar!!!!

Beautifully made

These are beautifully made. They have measurements so I can track how much I am drinking. The markings line up quite accurately with a scale.The insulation is nice so my drinks won’t sweat and will remain cooler longer.I wish they made larger ones or wine ones but I’m quite happy with these for whisky and wine with no stem.

Affordable Elegance

I wanted to open the bottle of Prosecco for this review, but it turns out I wasn't sure how to do that. After doing a search I discovered it is a fine art to opening a bottle without making a huge mess. Also, when I first asked my fiance' how to open it, he raised an eyebrow and informed me it was "seven in the morning." I was just going to have a 2 oz taste for the review...anyway, he thought we should wait until evening to open the bottle(even though I was the one who bought it for $10.99 New Years Special@my local grocery store). So, for this review I am substituting wine for (cough, cough) Honeycrisp Apple Cider. The Prosecco is supposed to be a golden color, so it's close. These wonderful glasses feel natural in my hand and are a joy to drink from. I washed it by hand with a very soft sponge ever so carefully because I've broken some crockery last year by accident of course

DR Buck

Not only are these glasses beautiful, but they are also very functional too. The wife is always on a diet of some sort, but she likes her wine, so these glasses help her to control her portions. She is happy that we found these glasses. Would recommend.